Infinispace Has Gone Dark

After over 10 years of posting science fiction news, book reviews, movie reviews, and original stories (including a novella), I've decided to remove my content from the web.

Sadly, as each day goes by we approach the science fiction dystopia that's a common theme in some of my writing. The internet is rife with AI programs scraping up our words (which are basically our thoughts) with the purpose of copying, or as the outright theft of ideas to be used by those who have no interest investing their efforts in creativity. These words are used to create junk AI generated novels to put on Amazon and other markets. My writing, good or bad, will not be part of this trend going forward.

All creative endeavors are difficult and writing is no exception. Current AI technology has zero creativity, but excellent mimicry. I may not be the best or most innovative writer, but at least I write every word, sentence, and paragraph in my stories and would never resort to blatant mimicry to accomplish my goals, nor will I allow others to leverage my work for their gain.