Infinispace Timeline: War


Religious fundamentalists detonate low yield nukes in London, Washington D.C., and The Vatican. Through a “divine miracle” the device in The Vatican does not reach critical mass, and fails to reach reaction. Approximately 3 million are killed by direct detonation and later radiation poisoning in London and D.C..

The Neo-Crusades begin.

A formal state of war exists between the east and west. China, the only remaining communist country, sides with the Fundamentalists, even though China is primarily a secular state. Its leaders see it as an opportunity to become the sole superpower on the planet. China seizes all western assets, technology, and intellectual property of foreign corporations and entities operating within its borders. It captures and permanently detains individuals who hold information they deem important, and immediately expel all other foreign workers.

Interest and practice in all forms of religion skyrockets.

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