Infinispace Timeline: Uplift


On August 24th, 2143 humankind receives a message from Ascension via satellites that are still operational in Earth orbit: “I deliver your gift.” Data begins steaming from orbit to all portions of the globe. Scientists panic believing all computer systems are again infected. It appears only to be a “recording” left by Ascension. Mankind lets out a collective sigh of relief. The data includes theory and application for such things as faster than light (FTL) travel, FTL communication, FTL matter transfer, genetic manipulation to eliminate the most devastating of diseases, new energy sources, exotic material science theory, terraforming, man-machine interface theory, mems, nanotechnology, etc. Many of the questions that have eluded mankind for two centuries is delivered to their doorstep. None of the information directly deals with war or computing. It will take scientists and engineers decades to decipher and understand. Only the megacorps have the resources available, making them all the more powerful.

Pasar Baru Marketplace by Vincentius Matthew

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