Infinispace Timeline: Genocide


Corporations experimenting in technology allowing the eventuality that humans become supra- intelligent and immortal are besieged by the Church and mortalists. These corps refuse to stop their experimentation and have some initial successes. Blockades and embargos cripple these corporations and they strike back in all out war against all other corporations that are trying to persecute them for the beliefs in a post-human existence.

Nukes are used extensively on Earth and Mars by both sides. Billions more die in the chaos. Much of the earth becomes a wasteland. Massive city states come in to existence as a form of common self-preservation. Those who control the knowledge and technologies control the power once again. Those who don’t are under the reliance of these states to protect them and sustain them. This reliance extends for the next 300 years even after the need is no longer there.

During these years there is also a refugee exodus and concerted effort to ramp up colonization of discovered worlds. The population of Earth declines drastically.

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Mars Heavy by Isaac Hannaford

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