Infinispace Timeline: Renaissance


The Resurgence begins. By 2144 mankind has returned to its pre-Ascension state. AI research is outlawed. Megacorps and organized religion form the basis of global government and economy. Lack of regional governments and everyone enduring the Cold Boot has led to less poverty and third world geographies…most of the globe has emerged from the Cold Boot at the same rate, and to the same state. Man is mostly at peace. Population is swelling due to 100 years of mankind’s survival instinct leading to an extremely elevated level of procreation. Resources again become constrained. Scientists and engineers in the megacorps race to bring Ascension’s core dump of theories to fruition. Megacorps use the churches to keep the populace in line as society becomes striated along socioeconomic lines more than ever in human history. The populace are heavily dependent on the corps to bring them out of the Digital Dark Age. Megacorps share the wonders of their technology with the populace in exchange for servitude or intellectual prowess. The Megacorp Wars begin, and never end. It’s a war carried out in subterfuge and subtlety. Fought in the boardrooms, labs, Continuum/iSpace, and eventually among the stars. The prize? More technology, more power, more world (and beyond) domination. This war is often brutal, but almost transparent to the general populace. The race for FTL supremacy, and galactic diaspora, has begun. The AI known as Ascension is all but forgotten as mankind focuses on what was left behind.

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iRON by Kuldar Leement

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