Thunderbirds Are Go!

Look what just showed up on the interwebs.  A trailer for the Thunderbirds reboot, this time called Thunderbirds Are Go!  If you want to skip these rubbish words of nostalgia and see the trailer, just scroll to the very bottom.

If you aren’t familiar with the original Thunderbirds it was a British science fiction adventure series animated between 1964 and 1966 using large scale models, sets . . . and creepy marionettes.  In a time when film versions of James Bond were just becoming popular it developed into having a niche following with eccentric tastes in animation and storytelling.  Here’s what the original Thunderbirds looked like:

In early 2000 someone had the brilliant idea to take the concept of a marionette animated show for kids and turn it into a horrible, horrible live action version starring Bill Paxton.  This version of the Thunderbirds crashed and burned in theaters in 2004.  It failed to reboot anything, including a sense of nostalgia.  Ahhhhh, Hollywood.

I admit watching re-runs of the original when I was a kid.  I wasn’t really into it, but I do have memories of watching the bushy-browed puppets and their herky-jerky adventures.  Those memories rekindle mild feelings of nostalgia.  But the year is now 2015.  We now have the technology to rebuilt it, just like Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers.  Using CGI!  Probably the perfect filming medium to reboot a series like this and bring it to a new generation.  But are today’s kids interested in adventure, space, and intrigue that was born in the 1960s from the space program and shows like Thunderbirds, Star Trek, or Johnny Quest?  Unfortunately, probably not.  Kids these days are more interested in having their faces smashed against their phone screens and worrying about what faux celebrities are wearing this week.  Now get off my lawn!!!

All the major characters from the original will return for the, once again, British produced reboot.  There will be new additions and changes to make the cast more modern, culturally diverse, and politically correct.  Of course, as mentioned before, it is 2015.  The show will be broadcast in the U.K. and as of writing this I couldn’t dig up any information about North American broadcasts.  But those savvy on the internet who are fans or are interested will find a way to watch it . . . they always do.

Below is the trailer for Thunderbirds Are Go!.  Now get your geek on!

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