The Leviathan Teaser

Well, this is interesting, unexpected, and something that crept up on me out of the weeds.  Below is a video titled simply as The Leviathan – teaser.

“By the end of the 22nd century
mankind had colonized many worlds.

Faster than light travel was made possible
by harvesting exotic matter
from the eggs of the largest species
mankind has ever seen.

Those that take part in the hunt are mostly involuntary labor.”

 Thus begins the intro.  But what is this teaser for?  Is it a sell for a project much like Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 teaser concept art?  Or is it just a bit of awesome self promotion for Ruairi Robinson who was once attached to a live action adaption of Akira?  On the surface, it reminds me of Moby Dick meets Dune.  But if I dig deeper the basic premise is almost exactly that of Dune.

Leviathan:  Eggs made by a giant worms is the key to faster than light travel.
Dune:  Spice made by giant worms is the key to faster than light travel.
In both cases mostly involuntary labor is used.

To go further this looks a lot like Philip José Farmer’s steampunkish The Wind Whales of Ishmael which takes place on a far future Earth colored by a blood red sun, where whalers harvest flying whales from the sky, not the sea.  This book is, of course, inspired by Moby Dick . . . so the circle is complete.

I’ll let you be the final judge.  Regardless it’s a pretty cool piece of science fiction visuals.  So check it out!

“Join the hunt.”

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