The Last of Us

The Last of Us Movie

Saddened that the heavily lauded The Last of Us game wasn’t released for the PC, or don’t feel like dropping $60 on a 6 hour long game?  Afterall, the game has been called a “masterpiece” by many reviewers.  Who wouldn’t want to play it (even if you don’t own a PS3), right?  No worries.  One intrepid gamer has taken the entire movie . . . errr . . . game, and edited out all the pauses, deaths, and replay after death in to a condensed 6 hour experience.

Sorry I called it a movie.  It’s hard to make the distinction with some games these days.  Are the games, movies, or playable movies?  I’ll let you decide.


Note:  The video may not be work safe.  Very violent and lots of foul language.

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