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NOM! Science Fiction Food

This is one of those things I’ve never considered or even noticed in film (unless it’s overly gross).  What type of food shows up in science fiction film and television?  How is it represented and how accurate might it be?  …

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SciFi Short: Fragment

Fragment SciFi Short

Posted with minimal comment . . . An Air Force jet breaks up over the desert. A mysterious radio beacon draws the pilot from the crash site.  A discovery is waiting.  And it is not of this Earth. That ending? …

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The NSA is Monitoring Your Gaming

A recently leaked report indicates that the National Security Agency (NSA), in conjunction with intelligence agencies in the United Kingdom, have been spending their precious time and your precious tax dollars spying on people who play popular games like World …

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Ben Affleck is the New Batman!

Ben Affleck is Batman...WTF?

Warner Brothers has hand picked Ben Affleck to be the new Dark Knight starring along side Henry Cavill in the upcoming Superman/Batman buddies/enemies movie. Yes, THAT Ben Affleck.  The same one who starred in Daredevil and co-starred with Jennifer Lopez in Gigli. …

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