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Star Wars: A New Hope in 60s

1A4 Studios is at it again, this time giving us Star Wars: A New Hope in 60s.  1A4 Studios specializes in hyper-fast stick figure interpretations of film and mythology. If you want to see more of their work, including speedruns of …

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Disney Shutters LucasArts

Disney has made the decision to shutter LucasArts and to immediately cancel all projects currently in development.  Disney purchased all assets from George Lucas in 2012 for just north of $4 billion.  LucasArts was one of those assets. You have …

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The Art of Ralph McQuarrie

What better artist to kick off our Art section with than one Ralph McQuarrie.  Unfortunately we lost Mr. McQuarrie recently (March 2012) at the age of 82, but his legacy as an influential science fiction artist will live on.    …

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