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The Concept Art of Francis Tsai

Translight // Francis Tsai

Update:  I’m saddens me to pass on that Francis Tsai passed away on April 23, 2015. Francis Tsai was born in Hawaii and has both Taiwanese and Japanese ancestry.  He studied and received a degree in architecture before turning to art. …

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Montage

It’s official.  Episode VII has its title.  The next chapter in the history of the Star Wars universe will be titled . . .  The Force Awakens.  Presumably this relates to either Luke Skywalker establishing a new Jedi Order, or …

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George Lucas: Dark Lord of the Nerdrage

The Worlds of George Lucas

Many things have been said about George Lucas over the years.  Some complementary, but mostly derogatory.   One thing I can say with absolute and unwavering certainty is that the man and his works have had a profound affect on how …

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Meet Boba Fett: 1978 Screen Test

Boba Fett

Posted with minimal comment.  Here’s a nostalgic video (black and white, from exactly 35 years ago today) showing the initial Boba Fett screen test from 1978 interspersed with current comments from the gentlemen who developed the costume. Enjoy!

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