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Blindsight by Peter Watts

Book Review: Blindsight by Peter Watts

Good science fiction entertains. Cerebral science fiction questions. Great science fiction does both. Blindsight is great science fiction about humanity’s first contact with a truly alien species … perhaps even more alien than the humans sent to make that contact.

He Said, She Said: Supernova Review

Quite possibly one of the worst major studio scifi movies in the past few decades. Definitely the worst of the first decade of the 2000s. Just a horrible production of an even more horrible script, plagued by shoddy …

Track by Hugh Sicotte

Track by Hugh Sicotte

Concept art of the day:  Track by Hugh Sicotte. Words © 2014-2022, Neal Ulen. All rights reserved.Images/videos cited © to their respective owner(s).

Interstellar by Christopher Nolan

Review: Interstellar (2014)

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar isn’t perfect, but it’s a visually stunning science fiction adventure that tempers the fiction with a healthy dose of science, while at the same time being sprinkled with a dash of …

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