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Book Review: The Promise of the Child by Tom Toner

Book Review: The Promise of the Child by Tom Toner

In The Promise of the Child, Tom Toner mixes far-flung space opera with magic realism and a myriad of other science fiction sub-genres to create a delightfully weird tale that leaves me with an impression of its memorable uniqueness.

Images & Words: Möbius City Mayhem

Images & Words: Möbius Mayhem

The Cleaner is basically an independent contractor of mayhem and improvisation, sowing chaos throughout the Continuum for the benefit of only one person. Himself. Tonight’s mayhem? Avatar kidnapping and ransom.

Images & Words: I Am Come to Shambhala

Images & Words: I Am Come to Shambhala

But something at the back of Kalki’s mind troubled him as he stood on the rise surveying the ship in the blue gloom and listening to his own exhales gurgle away to the surface. It was like a subtle itch that couldn’t be scratched.

Images & Words: The Vek, Submergence

Many of the Vek were lulled into a sense of security, thinking Ascension had left us or decided to capitulate. These slipped into truesleep. Perhaps that was its plan, to lull us into a sense of complacency, then strike.

Images & Words: A Day in the Grens

Images & Words: A Day in the Grens

Sometimes you’ve got your timid, broken, ready to piss their pants types … if they even wear pants. Other times you’ve got your defiant “Screw you, you can’t touch me!” types who carry a copy of the antiquated Troxian Convention in their back pocket … if they even wear pants.

Images & Words: The Vek, Hivernation

Many Vek succumbed to the AI plague in the last moments as it made efforts to sabotage our plans. Some Vek committed suicide knowing they had been overly compromised … others were regrettably terminated by the Technicians.

Messenger // Yuan Zhang

Images & Words: Surprise Party

The Necro laughed maniacally and mechanically as he swiveled his masked head back to the balcony on which sat a now despondent boy. Serves the sniveling rat right for being outdoors during Soulstice.

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