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Battlefield Earth

Retro Review: Battlefield Earth

The makers were trying to create a serious science fiction movie. They succeeded. Battlefield Earth is a seriously shitty science fiction movie. I suppose you could watch it as both science fiction and …

Red Planet

He Said, She Said: Red Planet

Certainly not a science fiction classic, Red Planet possesses many aspects that make it an enjoyable watch, but there’s not a high level of rewatchability. Carrie-Anne Moss puts in the best …


Retro Review: Blade

This movie is pure action with a side of science fiction thrown in. It is not an “artsy” film like Interview With the Vampire, yet it has a unique style all its own. Blade …

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

He Said, She Said: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

While not as bad as The Desolation of Smaug, nor as good as An Unexpected Journey, this “defining” installment falls squarely in between its two predecessors. Again, as a translation of the book comparisons can barely be made . . . The Hobbit is in there, somewhere, we think.

Soldier Starring Kurt Russell

Retro Review: Soldier Starring Kurt Russell

Soldier is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s not a particularly good movie. Hell, in most eyes it’s probably not even a passable science fiction movie. I don’t care. Todd kicks ass . . . and I like it. [Original publication: Oct 23, 1998]

Retro Review: A.I. Artificial Intelligence

I really enjoyed Artificial Intelligence, and found it very deep and symbolic. I also enjoyed the moralistic/scientific paradox. Some people won’t get it, and those are the people that won’t like it. …

He Said, She Said: House On Haunted Hill Review

An absolute dud remake of Vincent Price’s 1959 horror classic. There are almost no likable elements to this 1999 version, except watching the unlikable characters finally meeting their demise for acting …

Retro Review: Unbreakable

Besides its betraying ending, Unbreakable is an interesting look at human nature . . . and whether there are superheroes among us. I highly recommended seeing this film. It not only makes you think, …

Titan A.E.

Retro Review: Titan A.E.

Titan A.E. gets my vote for best science fiction film of 2000 even though it seems to be underrated and under appreciated by everyone else. Forget that it’s an animated movie, and just …

Retro Review: X-Men

To be honest, I enjoyed this movie just as much as Gladiator, and that’s saying a lot. Excellent plot, believable characterizations, witty dialogue, outstanding acting, and amazing special effects earn X-Men a high rating …


He Said, She Said: Chappie Review

Everything about Chappie looks and feels like a signature Neill Blomkamp film . . . one that borrows heavily from RoboCop, Short Circuit, and even Pinocchio. While taking brutal hits from …