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Images & Words: Enemy of Mine Enemy

The ink black mechglider tore through the grey cloud deck, its leading edges still glowing from the heat of atmospheric re-entry and its hypersonic shock wave leaving behind an ever expanding hole through which faint blue sky could be seen.

Simon Stalenhag 03

The Haunting Art of Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag is an illustrator and conceptual artist from Stockholm, Sweden.  As most great artists do, he started drawing early.  With encouragement from his grandfather, who was an advertising illustrator, he […]

Retro Review: A.I. Artificial Intelligence

I really enjoyed Artificial Intelligence, and found it very deep and symbolic. I also enjoyed the moralistic/scientific paradox. Some people won’t get it, and those are the people that won’t like it. …

Galactic Center Series

Gregory Benford’s Galactic Center Series

I am embarking on another series read for 2015.  Gregory Benford’s Galactic Center Series.  I make no promises that I will finish the series in 2015 considering I’m also reading […]

Troop by Jaime Jones

Troop by Jaime Jones

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1 by Alex Ichim

1 by Alex Ichim

Note: This vignette is a continuation from City Red. Collector AIs 4K9QEKDQ and B9Y5YBHV exited the mundanity of the elevator, forced to adhere to the same loose physical laws of […]