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Retro Review: The Road Warrior

The Road Warrior was my first exposure to the Mad Max milieu. I quickly went back and watched the original Mad Max. Beyond Thunderdome has some problems. Fury Road returns Max to his true element. The Mad Max series is one of the favorite in my DVD/Bluray collection. [Original publication: Mar 7, 2000]

Mad Max: Fury Road

Three New Mad Max Films Planned

News for the new Mad Max flick has been heating up.  The media push for the ultra-violent, R rated, post-apocalyptic opus is reaching fevered levels. Esquire magazine just released an […]

Mad Max: Fury Road

Bat Shit Insane Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

Posted with minimal comment . . . There’s really not much more to say about this new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer that I didn’t say in the title.  It’s […]

Mad Max 4: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road Set Video

Want to see a video of some of the vehicles from George Miller’s upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie?  Here’s a quick video of the vehicles being rounded up on […]