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Images & Words: Venetian Penumbra

Images & Words: Venetian Penumbra

The low, sweltering Mediterranean sun felt all too real. Perhaps I should have picked another setting for this introduction, or another season. But there’s nothing more beautiful than the low summer sun reflecting off the blue sea as locals and vacationers stroll the Venetian waterfronts.

Images & Words: Void the Light

Images & Words: Void the Light – Part 7

They turned a corner and found themselves staring down the Southern Spoke as it gently curved up, through the distant Rise, and into the base of the three mile high Spire. Even this far away its base was so wide that it devoured what little sky existed behind the small looking skyscrapers splashing up against its footing.

Images & Words: Void the Light

Images & Words: Void the Light – Part 6

Taria’s day had been a busy, and tedious, day at the Third Circle Ward. This far out in the Tangle she had seen it all over the five years assigned there, everything from the disturbing fruits of a serial killer’s labor, to the inhumane treatment of Integrators hunting their prey.

Images & Words: Ashen Expanse

Images & Words: Ashen Aberration

The purple haze diminished and a seething, mottled gray expanse filled our viewports. Nullspace, the void between realities, a shortcut that allowed humanity to bypass its shell of existence and travel the Sphere of the Triocracy in greatly reduced time.

Infinispace Glossary: The Tangle

Images & Words: Void the Light – Part 5

Martos propped himself up and leaned against the wall watching his fellow citizens glare at him as they passed. Looks of fear, disgust, sympathy, and yes, even apathy hung upon their brows. But not a single soul made any effort to help him in any way, even the sympathetic ones.

Infinispace Glossary: Pinnacle City

Images & Words: Void the Light – Part 4

The Spire would have to understand that it was all a mistake and we never intended to go so far against the edicts of the Spire. Why had Taria not told me? When did this happen? How long? Did she conspire against me? No! My mind was awash with thoughts of confusion, panic and betrayal.

Images & Words: Fire of Fanaticism

Images & Words: Fire of Fanaticism

“We’re going to lose her anyway,” I said, surveying Rose and the opposing player in their ballet of violence. She appeared out geared and outmatched, but Rose was usually more cunning than her opponents.

Images & Words: Means to an End

Images & Words: Means to an End

He grasped at the thin chain around his neck and pulled the miniature data shard from beneath his coat. A bright blue status light blinked back at him from a chip of what looked like irregular obsidian. The genesis of his revenge was intact. The reminder was no longer needed, eight years was enough.

Images & Words: A Dog's Burden

Images & Words: A Dog’s Burden

Crab shows up and vanishes as he pleases. Yet he does so at the strangest of times, enigmatically appearing as if he knows that she needs him or wants to see him. Pets always seem to have a sixth sense in that regard.

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