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Iron Man 3

The 7 Fails of Iron Man 3

I admit, I’m often behind the times when it comes to viewing movies, and I hadn’t planned on reviewing Iron Man 3 but after viewing it I just felt compelled. […]

Babylon 5

The Babylon 5 Scrolls

Infinispace is proud to host the archives of The Babylon 5 Scrolls. You can access The Babylon 5 Scrolls here:  http://babylon5.infinispace.net I’m a huge fan of the show and ran […]

The Worlds of George Lucas

George Lucas: Dark Lord of the Nerdrage

Many things have been said about George Lucas over the years. Some complementary, but mostly derogatory. One thing I can say with absolute and unwavering certainty is that the man […]

Alien Chestburster

Sci-Fi Scenes: Chestburster, Alien, 1979

Alien was another movie that was not spoiled by the internet.  In 1979 audiences going in only knew three things about it:  there was an alien, it was set in […]

Stanley Kubrick: One-point Perspective

Stanley Kubrick: One-Point Perspective

I recently ran across this fascinating video that compiles many shots from Stanley Kubrick‘s films and highlights one of his filming styles.  Over the years I’ve seen all the Kubrick […]

Neill Blomkamp

The Shorts & Commercials of Neill Blomkamp

Neill Blomkamp has been a hot commodity lately, ever since District 9 dropped on an unsuspecting public back in 2009.  But he’s been in the business for awhile, creating commercials […]

After Earth

Review: After Earth (2013)

I didn’t find After Earth to be a bad movie, it’s just not a good movie (yes, that’s praise). I paid matinee prices and came out of it mildly entertained. Value propositions still …

Star Trek Into Darkness

Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

STID is a very mixed bag for me. A movie can still have major problems and I can come away entertained. Looking at it as a Trek fan, it’s an ineffective …

Review: Oblivion (2013)

Should you go see Oblivion? Yes, and here’s why. It’s not often these days that fans of science fiction (and speculative fiction) are presented with movies like this (eg. standalone, original works). If you …

After Earth

M. Night Shyamalan has been busy trying to salvage his career and reputation after releasing a series of critical and box office flops.  The point of his decline from the […]

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