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The Fellowship of the Ring

Retro Review: The Fellowship of the Ring

Weighing in at very close to three hours, The Fellowship of the Ring is already a classic, without a doubt. I knew in my nerdy heart of hearts, walking out …

Retro Review: John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998)

There’s really no compelling reason to watch Vampires . . . not even as time wasting entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you like vampire movies of any kind. It isn’t a hard-core action …

The Cell

Retro Review: The Cell

Like it or hate it, no one can say that The Cell isn’t original. Yes, it’s very experimental and disturbing, which means that it’s not for everyone. I admire the film for it’s …

Retro Review: Red Planet (2000)

Retro Review: Red Planet (2000)

In Red Planet a team of astronauts makes the first manned expedition to the Mars and must struggle to overcome the differences in their personalities.

Blade Runner (1982)

Retro Review: Blade Runner (1982)

The visually lush Blade Runner explores and asks the question: What makes us human? It repeatedly strides right up to that reflection in the dystopian rain puddle . . . but never steps in it.

Movie Review: Space Cowboys (2000)

Movie Review: Space Cowboys (2000)

Who would have thought that one of summer’s best flicks would be about a bunch of geezers in space? Sure, this isn’t Eastwood’s best. Unforgiven and In the Line of Fire were better, but it’s still one of Eastwood’s better films.

Movie Review: X-Men (2000)

Movie Review: X-Men (2000)

To be honest, I enjoyed this movie just as much as Gladiator, and that’s saying a lot. Excellent plot, believable characterizations, witty dialogue, outstanding acting, and amazing special effects earn X-Men a high rating …

Movie Review: Gladiator (2000)

Movie Review: Gladiator (2000)

Get that adrenaline pumping and prepare to transport yourself to ancient Rome to witness the brutal fights and strategic battles that made the city and empire famous.

Mission to Mars (2000)

Retro Review: Mission to Mars (2000)

Mission to Mars is a film worth renting for science fiction fans to either enjoy or mock . . . depending on your tastes. And for some of us it’s okay to do both.

Pitch Black Header

Retro Review: Pitch Black (2000)

The obvious enthusiasm of the cast and crew to create something greater than the genre can usually deliver must be recognized. Pitch Black wanted to be different; it wanted to offer something more …

Contact Movie

Retro Review: Contact

Contact is a convincing first contact film about the moral struggle that would happen during such an event. In my opinion it’s one of the most underrated science fiction movies in recent memory, not because …

Brazil (1985)

Retro Review: Brazil (1985)

Many of the bureaucratic and narcissistic themes present in Brazil are simply hyperbolic interpretations of the current world we live in.

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