‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Villain Revealed

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Early reviews of Star Trek Into Darkness are rolling in, and some of those reviews are revealing massive spoilers.  If you’re interested in finding out, read on.  Infinispace provided four theories as to the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character.

Let’s review . . .

1)  Khan Noonien Singh.  This is a new timeline due to the happenings in Star Trek, and young Kirk confronts a young Khan who is hell bent on starting the Eugenics Wars.  Again, this doesn’t align with the old universe timeline…but does it really need to in this new timeline?  Evidence:  The beginning scenes of the 9 minute trailer recently shown at IMAX showings of The Hobbit hint that Cumberbatch’s character is involved in some sort of medical profession or has the ability to cure terminal illness.  Perhaps via genetic manipulation.

2)  Gary Mitchell.  Benedict Cumberbatch plays a Gary Mitchell-like character who gains god-like telepathic/psionic abilities and Kirk must battle Mitchell to save Earth and the Federation.  Evidence:  Gary Mitchell would also have the power (potentially) to cure terminal illnesses.  Images of Cumberbatch surrounded by destruction, yet he appears to be the only enemy in all the media released by Paramount.

3)  Bridge villain to Khan.  Cumberbatch plays a Gary Mitchell-like character as described in 2) who is doing research in genetic augmentation and unlocks his powers.  But he turns out to be a bridge antagonist that leads to a third movie of the series that features Khan Noonien Singh as a genetically augmented pupil/subject of Cumberbatch’s research.  Evidence:  Thin though it may be, Peter Weller (RoboCop) is listed in the credits and it’s rumored that he may be playing Khan cameo towards the end of Star Trek Into Darkness.

4)  New villain.  Something completely new, which I doubt given the new timeline and all the existing IP that Paramount has to work with.  Yes, Hollywood is lazy.

Theory 2 would have made an interesting movie, but the economics don’t support it.  Gary Mitchell is just not a popularly known villain.  Theory 3 can already be put to rest as Peter Weller is playing a Starfleet officer.  Theory 4 was never likely.

Thus Occam’s Razor dictates that we pick the simplest theory that requires the fewest assumptions.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan Noonien SinghBenedict Cumberbatch as Khan Noonien Singh

The gist of the early reviews are:  Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a young Khan Noonien Singh and that the name John Harrison is a smoke screen, but it is a name that he uses during the movie until he reveals his true identity to Kirk.

So there you have it.  Is this a shocking revelation?  No, more like a verification/validation of all the theories floating around.  J.J. Abrams and gang are doing the thing I feared most…recycling content from TOS and justifying it with the alternate timeline instead of coming up with new, innovative and fresh ideas.

As with everything on the internet…this may yet be a ruse.


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