Space Whale by Yohann Schepacz

Space Whale by Yohann Schepacz

Note: This vignette is a continuation from Heavy Metal.

Our transport pushed through the shell and entered Nullspace, the void between realities, a shortcut that allows humanity to bypass its shell of reality and travel the galaxy at greatly reduced time.  Or enter other realities.  Not recommended per Triocracy edict.  I sometimes lose track of what’s actual reality anymore.  You can see some real strange shit in Nullspace, some of it benign, but most of it psychically and physically deadly.  No sentient beings have ever been found in Nullspace, but there are . . . things . . . there that view trespassers as nothing more than an irritating bug to be obliviously smashed against their figurative windshields.

Space Whale by Yohann Schepacz
Concept art of the day:
Space Whale by Yohann Schepacz.

Today’s creepy Nullspace offering:  I’m not sure what the fuck it is, so I’ll call it a “space whale.”  We nearly smacked right into it as we cut through our shell.  It ignored us, but had we collided it wouldn’t have even noticed.  The behemoth was so large that our instruments could actually detect the gravity gradient as we maneuvered by.  Small asteroids and other parasitic things were slowly orbiting it.  Ugh.  Crews see this shit all the time and get used to it.  As long as they don’t panic and use their training, transports usually make it through Nullspace just fine.  But passengers never see things like this, or at least every effort is made to isolate them from it.  We quickly negated all the view screens and ports so no one would freak out.  Thankfully this creature didn’t cause any psychic tearing.  That would’ve ruined my day.

We flew on knowing that we’d just avoided becoming another ship of ghosts lost in Nullspace.

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