1993 Nebula Award Winners

1993 Nebula Award Winners

Presented: April 18, 1993, Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, New Orleans, LA




  • Winner: City of Truth, James Morrow (St. Martin’s)
  • “Barnacle Bill the Spacer”, Lucius Shepard (Asimov’s Jul 1992)
  • “Contact”, Jerry Oltion & Lee Goodloe (Analog Nov 1991)
  • Griffin’s Egg, Michael Swanwick (St. Martin’s; Asimov’s May 1992)
  • “Protection”, Maureen F. McHugh (Asimov’s Apr 1992)
  • “Silver or Gold”, Emma Bull (After the King: Stories in Honor of J.R.R. Tolkien)
  • “The Territory”, Bradley Denton (F&SF Jul 1992)


  • Winner: “Danny Goes to Mars”, Pamela Sargent (Asimov’s Oct 1992)
  • “The Honeycrafters”, Carolyn Gilman (F&SF Oct/Nov 1991)
  • “The July Ward”, S. N. Dyer (Asimov’s Apr 1991)
  • “Matter’s End”, Gregory Benford (Full Spectrum 3)
  • “Prayers on the Wind”, Walter Jon Williams (When the Music’s Over)
  • “Suppose They Gave a Peace…”, Susan Shwartz (Alternate Presidents)

Short Story

  • Winner: “Even the Queen”, Connie Willis (Asimov’s Apr 1992)
  • “The Arbitrary Placement of Walls”, Martha Soukup (Asimov’s Apr 1992)
  • “Lennon Spex”, Paul Di Filippo (Amazing Stories Jul 1992)
  • “Life Regarded as a Jigsaw Puzzle of Highly Lustrous Cats”, Michael Bishop (Omni Sep 1991)
  • “The Mountain to Mohammed”, Nancy Kress (Asimov’s Apr 1992)
  • “Vinland the Dream”, Kim Stanley Robinson (Asimov’s Nov 1991)