Nebula Awards

1990 Nebula Award Winners

Presented: April 28, 1990, Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA


  • The Healer's War by Elizabeth Ann ScarboroughWinner: The Healer’s War, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (Doubleday Foundation)
  • The Boat of a Million Years, Poul Anderson (Tor)
  • Good News from Outer Space, John Kessel (Tor)
  • Ivory, Mike Resnick (Tor)
  • Prentice Alvin, Orson Scott Card (Tor)
  • Sister Light, Sister Dark, Jane Yolen (Tor)


  • Winner: “The Mountains of Mourning”, Lois McMaster Bujold (Analog May 1989)
  • A Dozen Tough Jobs, Howard Waldrop (Mark V. Ziesing)
  • “Great Work of Time”, John Crowley (Novelty)
  • “Marîd Changes His Mind”, George Alec Effinger (Asimov’s May 1989)
  • “Tiny Tango”, Judith Moffett (Asimov’s Feb 1989)
  • “A Touch of Lavender”, Megan Lindholm (Asimov’s Nov 1989)


  • Winner: “At the Rialto”, Connie Willis (The Microverse; Omni Oct 1989)
  • “Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another”, Robert Silverberg (Asimov’s Jun 1989; Time Gate)
  • “Fast Cars”, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Asimov’s Oct 1989)
  • “For I Have Touched the Sky”, Mike Resnick (F&SF Dec 1989)
  • “Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man”, Megan Lindholm (Asimov’s Jan 1989)
  • “Sisters”, Greg Bear (Tangents)

Short Story

  • Winner: “Ripples in the Dirac Sea”, Geoffrey A. Landis (Asimov’s Oct 1988)
  • “The Adinkra Cloth”, Mary C. Aldridge (Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine Winter 1989)
  • “Boobs”, Suzy McKee Charnas (Asimov’s Jul 1989)
  • “Dori Bangs”, Bruce Sterling (Asimov’s Sep 1989)
  • “Lost Boys”, Orson Scott Card (F&SF Oct 1989)
  • “The Ommatidium Miniatures”, Michael Bishop (The Microverse)