Nebula Awards

1984 Nebula Award Winners

Presented: April 28, 1984, Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA


  • Startide Rising by David BrinWinner: Startide Rising, David Brin (Bantam)
  • Against Infinity, Gregory Benford (Timescape)
  • The Citadel of the Autarch, Gene Wolfe (Timescape)
  • Lyonesse, Jack Vance (Berkley)
  • Tea with the Black Dragon, R. A. MacAvoy (Bantam)
  • The Void Captain’s Tale, Norman Spinrad (Timescape)


  • Winner: “Hardfought”, Greg Bear (Asimov’s Feb 1983)
  • “Eszterhazy and the Autogóndola-Invention”, Avram Davidson (Amazing Stories Nov 1983)
  • “The Gospel According to Gamaliel Crucis”, Michael Bishop (Asimov’s Nov 1983)
  • “Her Habiline Husband”, Michael Bishop (Universe 13)
  • “Homefaring”, Robert Silverberg (Amazing Stories Nov 1983)
  • “Transit”, Vonda N. McIntyre (Asimov’s Oct 1983)
  • Winner: “Blood Music”, Greg Bear (Analog Jun 1983)
  • “Black Air”, Kim Stanley Robinson (F&SF Mar 1983)
  • “Blind Shemmy”, Jack Dann (Omni Apr 1983)
  • “Cicada Queen”, Bruce Sterling (Universe 13)
  • “The Monkey Treatment”, George R. R. Martin (F&SF Jul 1983)
  • “The Sidon in the Mirror”, Connie Willis (Asimov’s Apr 1983)
  • “Slow Birds”, Ian Watson (F&SF Jun 1983)

Short Story

  • Winner: “The Peacemaker”, Gardner Dozois (Asimov’s Aug 1983)
  • “Cryptic”, Jack McDevitt (Asimov’s Apr 1983)
  • “The Geometry of Narrative”, Hilbert Schenck (Analog Aug 1983)
  • “Ghost Town”, Chad Oliver (Analog 15 Sep 1983)
  • “Her Furry Face”, Leigh Kennedy (Asimov’s mid-Dec 1983)
  • Wong’s Lost and Found Emporium”, William F. Wu (Amazing Stories May 1983)