Sci-Fi Short Friday: Wanderers

If you like science, space, fiction and the extrapolation/melding of the three then Wanderers may be the most amazing video you will see in a long time . . . all put to the glorious narration of Carl Sagan from his book Pale Blue Dot.  In fact, I had a hard time trying to categorize this post on the site.  Is it art?  Is it science?  Is it film?  Is it fiction?  Is it geek?

Yes . . . to all of these categorizations and more!

You can find more information at Erik Wernquist’s website here.

So hit the play button, full screen it, and enjoy something truly amazing and special produced purely out of love and education.


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Note:   Sci-Fi Short Friday is a feature to showcase compelling shorts before the kickoff of the movie going weekend.  Every week I’ll try to dig up what I think are the coolest science fiction (or fantasy, or horror) short I can find.  If you have any recommendations, drop me a message.

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