Invisible Chase - Ghost in the Shell

Sci-Fi Scenes: Chase, Ghost in the Shell, 1995

It’s not often that an anime feature has an impact on mainstream science fiction, but in 1995 Ghost in the Shell popped on to the scene.  It absolutely tanked at the box office but has probably gone on to make back its budget many, many, many times over due to VHS, DVD, Bluray sales, as well as its own animated series.

Despite the abysmal box office, Ghost in the Shell is universally lauded as one of the best cyberpunk movies ever released, anime or live action.  It went on to influence later blockbuster like The Matrix.

The movie uses a mixture of traditional cel animation as well as CGI animation, melded together seamlessly.  The invisible chase scene highlights the technique, and is one of the best sequences in the movie.

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What is a Sci-Fi Scene? These scenes are memorable because they touch the soul, show amazing visions of the future, or broke ground in film technology. All these scenes are so great that they are in no particular order, just the order that they come to me. Enjoy!

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