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Sci-Fi Scenes: The Fifth Element, Diva Dance, 1997

In 1997 a quirky and stylistic science fiction movie was released to lukewarm box office (though it did well internationally) and tepid critical response. That movie was Luc Besson’s French production of the mild sleeper hit . . . The Fifth Element.

The movie later went on to garner a bit of a cult following and is looked on favorably by many science fiction and movie fans, mainly for its humor, light heartedness (despite the subject of ultimate evil), it’s style, and its musically choreographed fight scene.  I have to admit that when I saw it in the theater back in 1997 I wasn’t overly impressed, but as the years passed I’ve grown to appreciate it as a fun sci-fi romp that doesn’t take itself overly seriously.

That’s right . . . a musically choreographed fight scene . . . with aliens . . . guns . . . aboard a space cruise ship.

The “Diva Dance” is the scene in question.  Actually, it’s comprised of two scenes.  One showing Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) watching the Diva perform an opera on stage, the other showing Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) fighting Mangalores to the operatic score.  What we get is a smart, unique, and action filled scene that had never before been done in science fiction cinema.

Recently there have been women attempting to re-create the Diva’s epic singing during that scene, and doing so quite successfully.  Here’s one example.

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What is a Sci-Fi Scene? These scenes are memorable because they touch the soul, show amazing visions of the future, or broke ground in film technology. All these scenes are so great that they are in no particular order, just the order that they come to me. Enjoy!

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