Robot in the Mist by Jakub Rozalski

Robot in the Mist by Jakub Rozalski

War only stops for two reasons.  A piss and a smoke . . . I don’t smoke, but I had to take a raging piss.  Ramirov stood watch under the lights of our mech, stretching his legs and exercising his own reason to delay war, if only for a short time.  We hadn’t seen any action for almost two days, but that was soon to change.  It was an inevitability with war.  Steam was rising from my piss and Ramirov let out a cracking cough that echoed through eerily quiet fog.

Then I heard the cracking of tree trunks in the grey, like distant thunderclaps.  The stream of piss dried up immediately as my sphincter tightened.  Inevitability was approaching.

Concept art of the day:  Robot in the Mist by Jakub Rozalski.

Robot in the Mist by Jakub Rozalski

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  1. That mech is not sneakin’ up on anyone. Either it is an escort for Ramirov and “Pisser” or they for it. I just cannot see it as an approaching foe. (Still, thanks and keep up the good work.)

    1. Hi Dave, I know it’s a short little vignette that’s light on description, but, as you say, the mech in the background is not the one moving through the unseen forest….”Ramirov stood watch under the lights of our mech”

      Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comment!

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