Gateway by Frederik Pohl

R.I.P. SF Grand Master Frederik Pohl

Science fiction lost another immense talent this year.  Science Fiction Grand Master Frederik Pohl has passed away.  He was 93.

This particularly hits home with me because Pohl penned one of my favorite books of all time, Gateway.  I discovered and consumed this book as a teenager when hit paperback back in 1978, shortly after the Star Wars phenomenon had swept over me.  That movie and Pohl’s book were hugely influential on me.

Frederik Pohl became the Science Fiction Writers of America’s 12th Grand Master.  To date only 39 have received this honor.  He left a large body of writing behind, but his most notable works are the Heechee series (starting with Gateway), and the Nebula winning Man Plus.

Frederik Pohl

Frederik Pohl

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  1. I’ve read a few of his novels including Man Plus. I awlasy thought that one would make for a great movie. I’ll give Gateway a try. RIP.

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