Precision Machined Dice

Kickstarter is awesome.  There’s no denying that.  Where else can a young engineering geek get to practice some of her fundamental engineering knowledge by using CAD to design up near perfectly balanced dice, engage a machine shop to discuss the manufacturing and tolerancing process, then toss it up on Kickstarter and get $126,000+ in support?  For those keeping track that 4200%+ above her goal of $3000!  Is the internet great or what?!

Myself being a practicing mechanical engineer this Kickstarter is near and dear to my heart.  I hope Amber is getting some independent study credits out of this project!

These are not cheap diecast knock offs, or hollow reproductions, they are solid machined d6 in a multitude of materials.  Color annodizing is offered for the aluminum versions.  Here’s a list of the available materials, including the CAD estimated weight of each.

The estimated weights for 1 die are as followed:

Aluminum  18.4g (0.65 oz)
Brass  58.0g (2.05 oz)
Copper  60.7g (2.14 oz)
Stainless Steel  54.5g (1.92 oz)
Titanium  32.2g (1.14 oz)
Tungsten  129.5g (4.57 oz)…wow!  A tungsten machined die will weight 1/4 pound!  Be careful rolling these!

The thumbnail picture in the upper left is an example of an aluminum d6 that has been anodized red and then the die pips have been machined post anodizing.  Below is an image of a set of dice just after machining.  The lower center die has been brushed to remove machining marks, as will all the dice.

Precision Machined Dice

Head on over to Amber’s Kickstarter page to watch her video and pick a pledge level so you can get some awesome desk art…or functional dice.  Your choice.

Yes, I pledged!

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