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Mad Max: Fury Road Set Video

Mad Max 4: Fury Road

Want to see a video of some of the vehicles from George Miller’s upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie?  Here’s a quick video of the vehicles being rounded up on the set.  Keep watching until the end. Mad Max: Fury …

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The Art of Alain Brion

Warrior // Alain Brion

Alain Brion is a French artist who has made a career from creating paintings for European published books.  His work spans genres, including horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Below is a select example of Alain’s work, many taken from European …

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SciFi Short Film: R’ha

R'ha by Kaleb Lechowski

Science fiction shorts come and go on the internet every day, most of them forgettable. But once in awhile we’re given a gem by someone toiling away in their free time simply because they have a passion. Kaleb Lechowski gives …

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Last Exit to Nowhere

I love geek shirts.  But I don’t like blatantly geeky shirts.  Subtlety is where it’s at, and nowhere else can you find subtle geek designs than Last Exit to Nowhere. The designers at Last Exit to Nowhere take popular movies …

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The Art of Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta // Barbarian

Frank Frazetta was born in New York City and attended the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts at the age of eight.  By 15 years old he was already working in the comic industry as an inker. Throughout the decades he …

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