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Review: Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds

Revelation Space Universe

Before delving in to the Revelation Space universe I first suggest perusing the chronology and consider reading the books in order. This is Part 6 in my series of reviews focusing on the Revelation Space future history books by Alastair Reynolds. Redemption Ark by Alastair …

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Interstellar Teaser Trailer


Posted without comment . . . other than a year is a long time to wait for Christopher Nolan science fiction goodness, and we know that Nolan always delivers. Enjoy! More to Explore     He Said, She Said: Rogue …

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Edge of Tomorrow Trailer

Edge of Tomorrow

The movie trailers are coming hot an heavy recently.  Here’s another . . . Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily blunt.   Edge of Tomorrow is based on a Japanese book titled All You Need is Kill.  In it …

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