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SciFi Concept Short: SUNDAYS

SUNDAYS is an ambitious philosophical science-fiction proof-of-concept short.  The end of the world seems like a nightmare to Ben. A memory of a past life that doesn’t belong to him. When Ben starts to remember Isabelle, the only love he’s …

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Retro Review: Titan A.E.

Titan A.E.

Titan A.E. gets my vote for best science fiction film of 2000 even though it seems to be underrated and under appreciated by everyone else. Forget that it's an animated movie, and just …

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Retro Review: X-Men

To be honest, I enjoyed this movie just as much as Gladiator, and that's saying a lot. Excellent plot, believable characterizations, witty dialogue, outstanding acting, and amazing special effects earn X-Men a high rating …

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The Leviathan Teaser

Well, this is interesting, unexpected, and something that crept up on me out of the weeds.  Below is a video titled simply as The Leviathan – teaser. “By the end of the 22nd century mankind had colonized many worlds. Faster than …

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Thunderbirds Are Go!

Look what just showed up on the interwebs.  A trailer for the Thunderbirds reboot, this time called Thunderbirds Are Go!  If you want to skip these rubbish words of nostalgia and see the trailer, just scroll to the very bottom. …

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Terry Pratchett, 1948-2015

Sad news today in the publishing world.  Sir Terry Pratchett has died at the age of 66. Pratchett was the author of over 70 books, but he’s most remembered for his satirical Discworld Series, which was not only a satire of …

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