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I can’t believe I didn’t know about this as I’m a HUGE Babylon 5 fan.  Sadly people only discover things when there is trouble brewing.  Novo Babylonia has actually been around for almost 5 years and have produced 14 episodic audio dramas, doing it in relative obscurity.  It’s a team of fans and volunteers who write, produce and perform the episodes.

Babylon 5 Cast

Now they have been discovered, and someone asked J. Michael Straczynski (the creator) if he thought it was a cool thing.  Sadly, he does not endorse the project:

“I strenuously disapprove, and would imagine that Warners would come down very hard on this. That people are volunteers with the best of intentions does not make this any less a blatant case of copyright infringement. A small fanzine is one thing, but the moment you start producing things for audio or video, without getting approval or licensing the production, you’ve crossed a line that should not be crossed.”

-J. Michael Straczynski

Naturally Warner Brothers will soon get word of this, and rest assured a cease and desist order will be served.

This is kind of sad.  On one hand Straczynski and Warner Brothers seem completely disinterested in anything related to Babylon 5, so kudos to some fans trying to spread the B5 love.  On the other hand I can see how the creators and owners of the IP want to protect it.

Regardless, if you want to download the episodes I suggest doing it ASAP.

You can find them at the Novo Babylonia site:

Or the iTunes store:


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  1. 4 years later and they’re still up. And they’re still hilariously bad. Seriously, the opening episodes with Sheridan and Minbari Ambassador sound like they casted Batman from “How It Should Have Ended” and the Soup Dragon from “The Clangers”. I’ve reached the episode with Vir in it: the actor doesn’t try for an impression of Vir nor do their own thing with it either: he just reads the lines in an expressionless dull monotone. SO bad.

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