Mass Effect - Legion

New Mass Effect 4 Concept Art

Bioware’s Mass Effect series is without doubt (in my mind anyway) the finest science fiction games produced.  Some may certainly disagree, but there’s no denying that their production quality is nothing short of top notch.  The games resonated deeply with me in both storytelling and character elements.  After the events of Mass Effect 3 (and the gaming community drama it invoked), Bioware went straight to work on Mass Effect 4 (Mass Effect Andromeda) which will take place in the same universe but will presumably not involve characters from the previous three games.  Including Commander Shepard for obvious reasons.

Bioware recently released a set of new concept art from the upcoming game which is reportedly already in a playable state.  I cannot wait for any Mass Effect game and will immediately drop whatever I’m currently playing to check it out when it’s released.  So hurry up Bioware!!


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