17 Through ’17: Logan

Here’s our list of 17 not to be missed movies to see starting next month and through the end to 2017.  Each day we will bring you the next on the list.  These are in chronological order of release date, not any specific ranking of hype or expectations.  We leave that up to the reader!

Let’s get started . . .

Note: All release dates are subject to change.[divider style=”dashed” top=”20″ bottom=”20″]


Opens:  March 3, 2017
Rated:  Pending
Director:  James Mangold
Starring:  Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant

Now here’s a significantly different take on the superhero genre and X-Men/Wolverine in particular. Years after the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past, some of the last mutants, including Logan—whose regeneration powers are starting to fail—and a frail and ailing Charles Xavier, protect a young girl named Laura who is very similar to Logan, and is being hunted by sinister forces. Logan looks like Marvel all grown up, trying to be serious.  In Logan it appears he is faced with some personal and possibly tragic decisions.  It would also appear, at least to me, to be the possible swan song of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine . . . a role he took on almost 20 years ago.  This leads me to further speculate that we’ll never see another sequel with the cast of the original X-Men films.  The studio seems much more interested in the origin stories with younger actors for a new generation.  What comes around goes around . . .

Here’s a short synopsis:

[box type=”download” align=”” class=”” width=””]Set in the future of 2024, Logan and Professor Charles Xavier must cope with the loss of the X-Men when a corporation lead by Nathaniel Essex is destroying the world leaving it to destruction.  With Logan’s healing abilities slowly fading away and Xavier’s Alzheimer’s forcing him to forget, Logan must defeat Nathaniel Essex with the help of a young girl named Laura Kinney.[/box]

The Hype: Marvel, X-Men, Wolverine, and a more serious looking story.  Sounds good to me!

The Caution:  Superhero overdose and/or a more personal story that may not appeal to younger Marvel, X-Men, or Wolverine fans..

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