Jurassic World Official Movie Clip

A new clip for Jurassic World has dropped.  Not a new trailer, but an actual scene from the movie . . . which is a distinction from slick movie trailers.  Clips show actual actors, speaking actual lines, and not being interrupted by jarring musical soundtracks, booming explosions, or voice overs conducted by heavy smokers.

In it we see Chris Pratt . . . being Chris Pratt I guess, and Bryce Dallas Howard playing the role of Clair Dearing.  Pratt plays Owen Grady, a behavioral researcher who has become chummy with a group of Velociraptors.  And who wouldn’t want to be chummy with Velociraptors, right?!  Clair is the park manager who needs the services of Owen to boost park attendance.  How?  By creating a new breed of dinosaur called Indominus Rex.  As we’ve learned from all the Jurassic Park movies, you can’t contain nature.  So what could go wrong?

Everything.  Haven’t these people learned anything by now?

I loved 1993’s Jurassic Park, both the movie and the book.  It was the book that first introduced me to Michael Crichton.  I then read the remainder of his available books (at the time) in the mid-90s.  I remember buying special balcony tickets and having a concierge on call who would take snack orders and deliver them.  I also remember being utterly blown away by the CGI.  The first effective and realistic use in movie history.  Good times!  Great movie!

But since then the franchise has been in heavy milking and beating a dead horse phase.  Every movie since the groundbreaking original has been a resounding dud, but have gone on to make mountains of cash for everyone involved ($2 billion worldwide for the franchise!).  So why not a Jurassic World?!

Jurassic World feeds more human fodder to dinosaurs starting June 12, 2015.

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