Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor

It’s Superhero Silly Season!

CosmicBookNews is reporting some crazy news about Batman and Lex Luthor.  Take this as an unconfirmed rumor, but ones that have been commonplace for a while now.

Apparently Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) is a lock to play Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2 . . . and get this, is also signed to a 6 film deal.  These are not six movies with Lex as the star, but some of them will involve came type appearances a la Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).  Now there’s no denying that Bryan Cranston would probably make an excellent Lex Luthor . . . once fans got past the face they would be thinking to Walt everytime they see his bald head on the screen.

Now, here’s another rumor.  Ben Affleck has signed a 13 film deal with a similar feature/cameo type of arrangement.

Okay, now hold on to your hats.  Further rumor is that Matt Damon (chum of Ben Affleck) is going to be playing Aquaman.  Does anyone even want an Aquaman movie?  It’s Superhero Silly Season!

Here’s where things get crazy (if they aren’t already).  That’s NINETEEN superhero movies with just these two making cameos/features.  Even with overlap that’s THIRTEEN superhero movies.  Marvel, DC, and the studios are just hell bent on cashing in on this superhero run and burying the genre in to the ground.

Silly season indeed.

Superhero Overload

You get a movie!  You there in the back, yep you . . . movie!!!  Everyone gets a movie!!!

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