Infinispace Glossary: The Verdant Court

Verdant Court, The

In 2477 CE it was determined by Crats within the Terran Techspire that the citizens of the Tangle needed more than Infinispace to keep them distracted from the ravages of the Zone outside the Barrier, as well as the harsh living conditions within the Tangle.

During early planning and construction of the 6th Circle the first green zone was established in the Tangle. Initially this zone was called a “park” but as time went by and it became clear that the size of the population and the demand for access to this green zone would utterly swamp its capability. So the “park” was converted into a limited access preserve … or museum of sorts.

The Verdant Court was finished and established in 2485 CE. It’s comprised of approximately 500 acres of enclosed and open environments, planted using preserved seeds from the Triocracy’s seed vaults. It took another 50 years for the Court to be fully grown in.

Local buildings surrounding the Court are kept at a lower height so as to not impede natural sunlight from entering. Daily access to the Verdant Court is limited to 10,000 citizens a day, and are doled out via a lottery system to those who are interested. Due to the population of the Tangle and the uncertainty of the lottery system access is only granted once in a person’s lifetime. On the other hand, there are some citizens who will live their entire lives without ever setting a foot in the Court.

For most citizens a visit to the Verdant Court is not only a lifelong dream but also a spiritual event.

Faction: Human
Exists in: Realspace (Tangle on Earth)

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