Infinispace Glossary: Vek Ultra-Technician

Vek Ultra-Technician

Ultra-Technicians are asexual, organimechanical beings that are engineered from the finest Echelon and Matriarch DNA. They are the “apex” Technician, and unlike lower form Technicians they are able to operate autonomously with little difficulty. Their average height is approximately 2.5 meters  (8 feet, 2 inches), with an average weight of 150 kilograms (330 pounds) … making them a terrifying proposition to face in any Realspace environment.

The population of Vek Ultra-Technicians is much smaller than their counterpart Technicians due to their specialized nature and the requirement that they are created from selective DNA stock. They are primarily given roles in covert operations, assassination, as well as acting as commanders for other Technicians.

A single Ultra-Technician has the physical and cognitive capability of approximately four standard Technicians.

Faction: Vek
Exists in: Realspace

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