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Vek Technician

Technicians are asexual, organimechanical beings that are engineered by higher order Ultra-Technicians using genetic material from Echelon and Matriarchs. Physically they are humanoid in form, and bipedal, though significantly larger than post-Diaspora humans. Their average height is approximately two meters, with an average weight of 110 kilograms.

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Vek TechnicianVek Technician
▚▖▘▛▟▖▘▙ ▚▖▜▝▞▖▟▖▖▘▛▟ ▘▖▞▘▛▙ ▚ ▜▝ ▞▞▖▟▖▛▖▜
Faction : Vek, Transcendentalists
Role : Combat/Labor
Biology : Organimechanical
DNA : Human, modified
Typ. Mass : 110kg
Typ. Height : 2.0m
Assets : Engineered to function in both Realspace and virtual/augmented space. Able to manipulate both spaces with hivethink. Incredibly strong, tough and quick. Loyal to death.
Deficiencies :
Low cognitive skills, inability to adapt to dynamic social/combat situations, lack of independence, heavy dependency on Unity, vulnerable when solo. Loyal to death.

All Vek are at some level biological and cybernetic (“organimechanical”) in nature, and Technicians are clearly more mechanical than their progenitors, but still possess a significant portion of organic components which are always hidden behind some form of attire, armor, or cybernetics.

Technicians are deadly physical and virtual adversaries. They are one part of a symbiosis that holds the small, but fierce, Vek civilization together. Technicians (a.k.a. “Vek Physicals”) are the warriors, builders, and strong arm of the Vek’s might manifest in physical form … the “might” of the Vek. They are the workforce and protectors. They are loyal to the core. They cannot be broken or swayed. Without them the Vek would be weak and defenseless. Their minds and bodies have evolved (and been modified) to the point where their mental will is on par with their physical strength … able to crush an enemy mind by will of thought; or crush an enemy skull by force of strength. In addition they have the strongest grasp of interacting with Realspace (the physical world) relative to their Vek Echelon or Matriarch counterparts … and more so than most humans. This makes them ideal combatants, pilots, and laborers. They are deadly in all forms of conflict, and ingenious in the execution of that craft.

Lower form Technicians possess deficient cognitive skills, often far below even the most average of humans. Outside of the specialized role an individual Vek had been created to fulfill, it is somewhat vulnerable. Technicians are engineered with this limitation to keep the Vek power structure in balance. Their appearance is dependent on the role for which it was created, but come in many variants, ranging from common soldier/laborer Low-Techs (shown above) to the mighty Ultra-Technicians, grown and engineered from the finest Echelon and Matriarch DNA.

Faction: Vek
Exists in: Realspace

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