Infinispace Glossary: Vek Overlords

Vek Overlords

Overlords represent the apex of the Vek Primacy. This leadership cabal is composed of the strongest representative from each faction: Echelon, Matriarchs, and Ultra-Technicians.

All strategic decisions that may have direct ramifications on the Vek Primacy go through the Overlords. Their ultimate decisions are sacrosanct and final.

The three Vek Overlords are:

Uxan (Uhks-uhn) – His highly modified and optimized biology has allowed this wise beyond his years Echelon to rise through the ranks by demonstrating his ability to never compromise the goals of the Vek for the sake of his ascendency. Uxan’s computation and extrapolation skills are second to none, bordering on the prescient.

Vulcia (Vul-cee-uh) – A shrewed and quietly malevolent Matriarch who let’s nothing stand in the way of protecting her brood and people. Vulcia is the mastermind behind most of the Vek’s activities. Her body is coursing with nanotechnology and she’s a master of manipulating it to meet her goals through shapeshifting, subterfuge and treachery.

Zeforex (Zeph-oreks) – One of only a handful fully autonomous Technicians. Zeforex is a fifth generation Ultra-Technician that can hold its own in most intellectual settings, and is unmatched in any physical or virtual conflict. It was created from the genetic material of Uxan and Vulcia, and answers only to them. Prefers to be called ‘Zee’. Clearly an individualistic attempt to even further distance itself from its official designation: Z4X693JM.

Faction: Vek
Exists in: Realspace

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