Infinispace Glossary: Vek Matriarch

Vek Matriarch

Vek Matriarchs are the comforters, procreators, and the source of cultural continuity within the collective. They are warm, spiritual, and cunning in their use of emotion to manipulate the network for the good of the Vek. They are the “soul” of the Vek Primacy.

Without their place the Vek would have no genetic source for seeds and no natural desire to procreate. That is not to say their sole role within the Vek is purely to create seeds for other Vek progeny. Many of their greatest are Matriarchs, some are even said to hold roles as Echelons, and it’s theorized that the true power and leadership within the Vek resides in a secret cabal of Matriarchs who use their powers for the advancement of the collective.

During their Hivernation and subsquent Mindwar with Ascension, machines augmented them for maximum charisma and emotional comfort, both from a physical and psychological perspective. Matriarchs have control over nanite implants to change their physical appearance and mental projection at will, as needs dictate. They also have the ability to influence the physical mind even when not connected to the Vek Unity. How this is accomplished is unknown.

They are beautiful to behold and cunning in their ability to manipulate. While a Technician might kill an enemy quickly from the front, a Matriarch will take her time, slowly stalking from the shadows and killing in the most cunning and torturous way they can devise.

Faction: Vek
Exists in: Realspace

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