Infinispace Glossary: Vek Echelon

Vek Echelon

The thinkers, collators, and organic computers of the Vek.

Echelon are calculating, efficient, and for the most part devoid of outward emotion. Without their place within the Vek triumvirate, there would be little scientific theory, space travel, or other mathematically dependent capacity. During the Mindwar with Ascension the machines injected during the Hivernation process modified and re-wired their physical state for more efficient computation, machine interfacing, and subnet networking. The offspring of Echelon and Matriarchs inherit these same replicating machines and abilities, ensuring these abilities are passed won to future generations.

A small matrix of Echelon possess more computing power than any inorganic, digital computing system. The Echelon look as cold as they think … all in the name of logic, necessity, and efficiency, guiding their people in the dark between the stars.

Faction: Vek
Exists in: Realspace

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