Infinispace Glossary: Vek Unity

Unity, The

Vek, being the first offshoot of the Transcendentalist movement dating back to the 23rd century prior to the Transcendental Wars, believe in unlocking their biological potential by augmentation. Therefore the Vek Primacy has a social structure where day to day, but not critical or strategic, decisions are made by the collective. This is done via “The Unity” which is what they call their collective and interconnected consciousness.

The difference between The Unity and more traditionally thought of forms of “collective” and “neural networking” is the Vek have the capability to share their minds without potential dependency. Vek are fully capable of autonomous thought, decision and action without access to The Unity (exception: Technicians lack autonomy and require some form of Unity). It’s an interwoven part of their social structure that was created to make them stronger without stripping individuality.

The Unity is only accessible in proximity to the Aegis, but groups of Vek can form their own local Unity nodes when away from the asteroid. Echelon are continually researching methods to create a wider Unity network that can span the stars.

Faction: Vek
Exists in: Realspace

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