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Triocracy, The

When the entirety of Earth was plunged into literal darkness and chaos in the years following the Cold Boot, humanity reverted to its most base form … survival of the fittest and strongest. The near 90 years of the Digital Dark Age forced society away from failed state systems of governance and back to a pre-industrial societal power structure consisting of leaders, nurturers, and laborers.

This generalized triadic social structure of Knowledge, Culture, and Power carried forward through the Resurgence, the Transcendence Wars, and ultimately the formation of the Triocracy on the bones of mega-corporations. Over history this triadic structure often changes to adapt, but is always present.

The Triocracy:
Knowledge, Culture, Power

In loose terms the Triocracy power structure eventually evolved into the following over the course of the 550 years following the Digital Dark Age:

    • Techspires – Knowledge – Transcendentalist beliefs – leaders/intellects/innovators/technology
    • Lorespires – Culture – Mortalist beliefs – providers/nurturers/teachers/archivers
    • Warspires – Power – Mixed beliefs – protectors/laborers/mediators/space travel

Each leg of the Triocracy cannot function without the other. The need for survival from past events, and the difficulty of galactic expansion in the Orion–Cygnus Arm, has caused humanity (stuck in the middle) to become so dependent on this triad that they simply carry on with very little question or influence.

In the 378 years since the discovery of Nulldrive technology, the Sphere of the Triocracy has expanded to an extent of ~100 lightyears contained in the local galactic supershell*. In those years the Triocracy has colonized or created settlements on 24 worlds in the 512 star systems within their reach.

Local Supershell
Local Supershell*

*A region of low hydrogen density created by a supernova millions of years ago.

Faction: Human, Transcendentalist, Mortalist, Mixed
Exists in: Realspace

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