Infinispace Glossary: The Barrier

The Barrier

The Barrier is the outer most wall surrounding the Tangle. It separates the Tangle and Techspire on Terra from the inhospitable environments of the Zone. The Barrier is tall enough such that very few structures in the Tangle can see beyond it, while the Spire itself has unhindered views of the geography beyond the Tangle and the Barrier.

The wall of the Barrier is monitored and patrolled. There is no way over, under, or around it. Any Citizen caught trying to circumvent the Barrier, or any of its security devices, is subject to immediate justice by Collectors without judgement by a Prefect. No Citizen so caught, nor any Citizen rumored to have made it beyond the Barrier, has never been seen again by family or acquaintances.

Also known as:

  • The New Wall

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