Infinispace Glossary: The Tangle

The Tangle

The term “Tangle” refers specifically to the mass of humanity on Terra that resides between the three mile tall Techspire and the Barrier which acts as the final dividing line between the Tangle and the Zone. Spires on other Triocracy settled planets generally do not have this Spire/Tangle/Barrier structure. Most of Earth is inhospitable to human life due to centuries of war (starting with the Neo-Crusades, the Global Cold Boot era, and specifically the devastating Transcendence War) thus necessitating a single “city state” that evolved to protect and isolate the remaining population. As time passed the Spire and Tangle continued to grow, as most Citizens did not have the means to leave Earth.

The Tangle is a highly dense collection or layered buildings, cubes, and miscellaneous structures approximately ten miles in diameter surrounding the base of the massive Terran Techspire. Eight expansive avenues, called Spokes, emanate from the Spire and cut entirely through the Tangle and terminate near the Barrier wall. There are eight districts, called Circles, that also emanate from the Spire. In general the closer a Citizen is to the Spire the more affluent they area. See the Rise for more information on that portion of the Tangle that splashes up against the exterior base of the Techspire. Other sections of the Tangle are denoted by their Spoke and Circle number, thus Section 423 is the portion of the 4th Circle bounded by Spoke 2 and Spoke 3. There are sixty four Sections to the Tangle.

With the exception of the Spokes, most avenues, streets, and walkways are so deeply recessed in the structures that often natural light rarely filters down to ground level. With the exception of the Verdant Court, there is very little vegetation within the Tangle. Some Citizens living near the top of their Cubes grow small plants and vegetables, trading seeds with other Citizens.

The Terran Techspire, and its surrounding Tangle, has a carefully controlled population of 233,377,610.

Faction: Humans
Exists in: Realspace (Earth)

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