Infinispace Glossary: Street City

Street City

The magnificent Infinispace city of Freehaven has many vertical canopies to its structure, allowing for the virtual residences of its visitors as well as Obscurum. The space for services required for the billions who actively use it as the starting point for their Infinispace diversions is also needed.

The lowest canopy in Freehaven is Street City. As the name implies it’s the lowest canopy that is still on the surface as it still has traditional streets that carry more mundane conveyances. Anyone on Street City level would never know they are on the “surface” of Infinispace because to the eye and mind it feels more like a canyon with humanity pressing in on all sides. The cost of a virtual residence at Street City level is signifantly more affordable than higher canopies.

Just like its Realspace analog, the Tangle, Street City is often only lit by artificial sources such as signage, vehicles, and anachronistic street lamps. It’s a place where the more surly and questionable of Infinispace congregate as well as a place for them to wheel and deal without prying eyes.

Faction: Human
Exists in: Infinispace (Freehaven/Möbius City)

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