Infinispace Glossary: Spoke


Spokes are the great central avenues that radiate from the base of the Terran Techspire (the largest of all Spires), travel through the Rise, and radiate out into the Tangle stopping short of the Barrier. There are eight Spokes in all that are intersected by the Circles and tram systems.

As a Spoke approaches the Techspire is gently slopes up to enter enormous tunnels that travel through the structures and cubes that comprise the Rise, which cluster about and splash up against the base of the Techspire. Eventually the Spokes terminate at high security gates that allow ground access and egress of the Techspire … but these massive gates have not been opened in over 100 years. Because of the vertical curvature of the Spokes a Citizen standing at any point on the perfectly straight avenues can see along their entire four mile length, from Barrier wall all the way to the Techspire base and even up to the three mile high Pinnacle City at its top … assuming weather and atmospheric conditions allow it.

As a Spoke extends away from the Spire it also intersects various Tangle structures, including the First Wall, Second Wall (through titanic sized arches, which at one time were gates), and many tram and funicular systems.

Faction: Humans
Exists in: Realspace (Earth)

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